Haydle Welcomes The Breakfast Club of NJ

Haydle is a new question and answer system that is available for all members of the Breakfast Club NJ.   Here some information about Haydle and how it will be used.

  • What is Haydle?  Haydle is an enterprise Q&A system that let’s people within an organization ask, answer, and rate questions.  It facilitates communication, and captures knowledge that is often stuck in email or not searchable.
  • What value does Haydle provide to The Breakfast Club of NJ? In short, it provides a way to collaborate.  Haydle allows the membership to ask questions of each other in way that is both easy and searchable by others for future reference.  You don’t have to feel like you are bugging someone like you might if you sent them an email directly.  In addition, the answer to your question will be visible for everyone else to benefit from.
  • How is Haydle different from a discussion board? In a discussion board, people post messages on a topic that are ordered by time.  In Haydle, someone asks a question, then other people answer it.  The list of answers is sorted by the number of “thumbs up” votes it received from the community.  Good answers rise to the top of the list.