The Missing Link Between Collecting and Connecting

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Haydle was featured in the Society for Human Resources Management’s website in an article by Haydle CEO Joel Confino titled, “The Missing Link Between Collecting and Connecting“.  From the article,

How readily accessible is the information in your organization? 

According to knowledge management experts at the U.S. Army, 80 percent of the information in an organization isn’t written down anywhere. Instead, most of that information is considered “tribal knowledge”—data stored as expertise in people’s heads. 

As the speed of business increases, employees are too busy to stop and write everything down.  Increased speed results in increased complexity, which compounds the problem by creating more exceptional cases to deal with. 

Forget standard operating procedures; most of us are working with “barely reproducible processes” said learning and development expert Jane Bozarth in her recent book Show Your Work (Pfeiffer, 2014).

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