Sticky Notes and Filing Cabinets: Why Haydle Makes SharePoint Better

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Haydle is an enterprise Q&A system, and it makes SharePoint (or more generically any document-oriented wiki like Confluence or Jive) better. Why? The answer is the difference between sticky notes and filing cabinets.

We work in a largely paperless environment, but for this analogy to work, imagine you work in an office that is paper based. Against the wall there is a large filing cabinet filled with folders of carefully organized documents, and across the top it is labeled “SharePoint”. At your desk, you have a pad of sticky notes labeled “Haydle”.

For every project you work on, there are all sorts of little details that need to be worked out every day. Collaboration is often in the form of a quick question to get a specific answer. You ask co-workers questions, and they ask you questions. Questions that tend to start with, “Where do I find this…” or “How do I accomplish this task…”. You pull a sticky note from the Haydle pad, and write down the answer to remember it later. This kind of micro-documentation doesn’t require you to stop what you are doing — it is a natural part of your workflow.

When you need a detailed document, you get up from your desk and go to the SharePoint filing cabinet. This doesn’t happen as often, because reading documents takes time and you are really busy, so frankly asking a couple quick questions usually keeps you moving faster. Even though the documents are carefully organized, there are a lot of them so it can be hard to find what you are looking for. There tend to be multiple documents of various ages that conflict with each other. Sometimes you need to ask the subject matter expert which is the correct document to use. Additionally, while some of the people at your company are really good at documentation, most aren’t so they don’t do it. Your filing cabinet contains a lot of really important information, but it is only about 20% of the information you need to do your job. The rest is on sticky notes.

Haydle makes questions and answers — the sticky notes that help you get work done — permanent and searchable by everyone.  Sticky notes don’t replace documents. They are complimentary. Sticky notes are small and used frequently. Documents are large and used less frequently. Both are important. We have customers using Haydle with SharePoint in a complementary fashion. Often the answer to a Haydle question is a link to a document in SharePoint. Haydle can be integrated into SharePoint and popular SharePoint addons such as Sitrion to help maximize your existing investment.

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