3 Ways to Search Your Company’s Brain

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Current State

Until now, the idea of searching a company’s organizational knowledge has been limited to a focus on existing document management systems. These various technologies include content management systems, wikis, intranets, and network drives. To search these systems organizations often use the tools embedded in these products, or in an attempt to get better results implement more powerful enterprise search technologies like Autonomy or Endeca.

A Different View

Consider the Army Field Manual for Knowledge Management’s conclusion that approximately 80% of an organization’s knowledge is tribal, what the Army calls “tacit – head knowledge”, and it’s fair to conclude that a re-thinking of the approach might be in order. Searching documents seems inadequate at best. Fact is, searching document systems, however effective, is accessing only a small percentage of a company’s real knowledge.

Searching Your Company’s Brain

With the emergence of Enterprise Q&A systems, there is now the opportunity to document a company’s tribal knowledge and make it searchable.  Combine this idea with existing document systems that are searchable via enterprise search technologies and crowdsourced methods, and you have the theoretical ability to search your company’s brain. This new capability gives everyone access to a complete picture of an organization’s collected knowledge, both tribal and document based.

Here’s how:

  1. Ask a Question – Enterprise Q&A lets you ask a question of your subject matter experts. The answers provided are the defacto tribal knowledge of the organization.
  2. Get a document – If the answer to a question is contained in a document, a subject matter expert can include a link to that document in their answer. Traditional search capabilities contribute to this effort as well.
  3. Indexing – Haydle is index-able, and as such searchable by enterprise search systems. So while searching traditional document systems, enterprise search can now access tribal knowledge as well.
KNowledge as a Differentiator…

This represent a sea-change in an enterprise’ ability to access actionable information.

The ability to search a company’s brain means having access to up to 100% of an organization’s knowledge.

This empowers employees to use creative problem solving, informed decision making, and to collaborate with facts rather than assumptions. This will have a profound impact on an organization’s ability to move faster and to differentiate itself from the competition. Most of whom are working far more on instinct than they would like because they only have access to roughly 20% of their company’s knowledge.