New Features: Update to tabs

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Unanswered tab is back!


Due to popular demand, we have added the “Unanswered” tab back on the home page. It used to be called the “Needs Answer” tab, and we removed it when we added the “Needs Chosen Answer” tab. Ultimately it is beneficial for people to choose answers to their questions, and we are working on encouraging people to do that. However in the meantime, the “Unanswered” tab allows teams to ensure all questions have at least one answer even if the question author has not chosen an answer yet.

We also removed the “My Questions” tab from the home page because it is still available on the “Me” page, and we didn’t want too many tabs on the home page. Three seems like a good number. Four seemed like a crowd.

Hope you enjoy the new features, and as always, we really value your feedback.

— The Haydle Team

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