New Features: Tooltips, Highlights, and Better Emails

Joel ConfinoRelease

New Search Result Tooltip and Highlight


When you are viewing a list of questions, if you hover your mouse pointer over the question’s reputation graph, you can see what its reputation is and how many answers it has in an enhanced tooltip.

You can also now easily see if the question has a chosen answer selected.  Questions with a chosen answer will have a green reputation graph while questions with one or more answers but no chosen answer will have a blue reputation graph.

Better Emails

If your organization has verbose email notifications enabled (verbose email notifications contain the actual question or answer content), then you’ll see the topics of the question in the subject line.  This allows you to filter email notifications more easily using just the email’s subject line.

Squashed Bugs

We fixed an issue where some dates on the Admin -> Statistics page were displaying incorrectly.

Hope you enjoy the new features, and as always, we really value your feedback.

— The Haydle Team

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