New features: improved “Needs Answer” tab, prefilling question

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Improved “Needs Answer” tab

Needs Chosen Answer

Needs Chosen Answer tab

Largely based on your feedback, we modified the “Needs Answer” tab.  It is now the “Needs Chosen Answer” tab.  Instead of showing questions that don’t have any answer, we changed it to show questions that don’t have a chosen answer.

This will encourage the behavior of choosing an answer which is desirable — we want to end up with question/answer pairs.  It also helps eliminate one common complaint which is, “I ask a question, then someone provides an answer that really isn’t the right answer, but because there is a single answer the question is removed from the ‘Needs Answer’ tab and no one else answers it.”

The tab will also only show questions that are 30 days old or less.  The thinking is that if no one answers in 30 days, then most likely no one is going to, so don’t clog up that tab.

Prefilling Question Title

When you search for something, and then click the “Ask” link, the new question title will be prefilled with your search query provided it looked question-ish to Haydle (started with “who, what, when, where, how”, or ended with a question mark).  We like to streamline Haydle as much as possible and this is one way that makes sense.  If you have others, we always welcome your comments.

Hope you enjoy the new features, and as always, we really value your feedback.

— The Haydle Team

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