Haydle Announces Yammer Integration

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Haydle Enterprise Q&A is now integrated with Yammer!

Yammer and Office 365 have become important channels for companies looking to create a more social and collaborative environment. The goal of this new integration with Haydle is to embed Q&A into the Yammer experience. This gives your team the moment-to-moment interaction provided by Yammer’s activity stream, while delivering Haydle’s ability to permanently document your processes through questions and answers. All in the same experience!

The Haydle/Yammer integration improves:

  • Adoption – Seamless Haydle sign-on through Yammer
  • Engagement – Both questions and answers appear in the Yammer activity stream
  • Capture of Tribal Knowledge – Seeing Q&A in Yammer increases the priority of knowledge retention
  • Existing Investments – Documents located in your knowledge management systems can be included in Haydle answers
  • Agility – Yammer and Haydle work together to get your team to info they need, when they need it

Increased productivity through better collaboration is the future. The combination of Haydle and Yammer delivers on that future in a practical way, giving employees a single view into their colleague’s conversations, questions and answers, and linked documents. This results in the increased productivity and agility that organization’s are working so hard to achieve. Reach out today to see this integration in action!

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