Haydle Increases Engagement

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Haydle was featured in the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s blog.

Enterprise Engagement Alliance

Knowledge management used to be about managing documents, [Haydle CEO Joel] Confino says. “Today it’s about connecting people. The way you find info, it’s not about finding docs. It’s about connecting with the expert.” Ironically, he notes, engagement tools often aren’t actually engaging. “The only way to evaluate their effectiveness is to measure not only usage, but bottom line results.”

Confino says the Haydle technology is as much about engagement as it is about knowledge management. It contributes to engagement by:

  • Giving everyone a voice – fostering involvement by leveling the playing field in terms of the ability to participate.
  • Building trust – giving participants the ability to validate responses to create a climate of cooperation instead of competition. The Haydle platform, he says, is designed to enable people to enhance their internal reputations.
  • Promoting a gift culture, one in which people take pleasure in helping and thanking one another.
  • Creating a positive mood by enabling people throughout the organization to take pleasure in contributing a solution or to thank someone else for doing so.
  • Fostering recognition – allowing employees to receive credit for being helpful.

Finally, Confino notes that “people engage when they decide what they’re doing is affecting their lives in a meaningful way.”

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