Designing An Innovative Culture

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This post, authored by Frank Wander of PeopleProductive, is reprinted with permission.  We’ll be hosting a webinar with Frank on Monday May 19th at 1:00pm — CLICK HERE for more details. Every person and team is creative by birth, and so are you!  Today, creativity is rewarded, yet in short supply. Learn how to unlock it and excel. You can create … Read More

Trust and the Hidden Influencers

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McKinsey Quarterly recently published an article entitled Tapping the Power of Hidden Influencers by Lili Duan, Emily Sheeran and Leigh M. Weiss. For anyone who has ever worked in a large organization (or not so large), it’s not a surprise that hidden influencers exist. For as long as anyone can remember these influencers have provided co-workers with guidance on how … Read More

New Features: Update to tabs

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Due to popular demand, we have added the “Unanswered” tab back on the home page. It used to be called the “Needs Answer” tab, and we removed it when we added the “Needs Chosen Answer” tab. Ultimately it is beneficial for people to choose answers to their questions, and we are working on encouraging people to do that. However in … Read More

Haydle – A quick step to the long view

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Current thinking recommends we take “the long view” in terms of enterprise software and organizational productivity. The long view is a place, far into the future where your team and tools have reached optimal alignment because “you had a plan and stuck to it”. You made sure your long term road map had equal footing with your near term deliverables. … Read More

Haydle in the News: Radio Interview

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Haydle was featured on the radio show “Your Career is Calling” hosted by Frank Kovacs and Wanda Ellett, and produced in conjunction with The Breakfast Club of New Jersey.  Frank and Wanda interviewed Greg Meany, our COO / VP of Sales.  You can hear a 6 minute excerpt of the conversation that focuses on how Haydle addresses some of CEOs’ top concerns. … Read More

Is Enterprise Social a Waste? – The Sequel

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Several weeks ago we posted a blog asking the question “Is enterprise social a waste?”. The post was based on a report from the Sierra Ventures CIO Summit that declared enterprise social tools were the most over-hyped product group of 2013. To be honest, we actually were a little concerned about posting a blog with such a provocative title because … Read More

The cloud, agility and the evolving enterprise architecture

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The cloud software marketplace continues to evolve at a stunning pace. CIOs are accelerating adoption and continuing to rethink the role of cloud software in their architectures. Previous assumptions about cloud software only being a method to experiment or economize are being replaced by the realization that cloud options really do give enterprises the flexibility to adjust to rapidly changing … Read More

Enjoyable Software: Less Force, More Distance

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Fall Colors

The Haydle team has a mission: to build software that both makes you more productive and that you enjoy using.  Both are equally important, because both are intertwined: two side of the same coin. The Drudgery of Poor Software You spend most of your waking hours at work.  If you work in an office, you use software for most of … Read More

Is Enterprise Social a Waste?

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At the recent Sierra Ventures CIO Summit, about 40 CIOs voted enterprise social tools as the most over-hyped products of the year. As reported by AllThingsD: Their reasoning, as Al Campa, a partner at Sierra Ventures put it, was equally simple: “They don’t feel there’s any evidence for a return on investment or ROI,” he said. “It just didn’t move the … Read More