Birth of a Vibrant Community

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This visualization shows the growth of a real Haydle community during its first year. The orange dots are questions and the green dots are answers. Questions are clustered around topics as people create them. It visually demonstrates how high engagement and knowledge retention can work together. Watch Video

Innovation, Collaboration and the Road to Real Productivity

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The word innovation seems to permeate the business press. As a code word for growth and efficiency, companies have sought to implement software, techniques and processes that make them more innovative. Honestly there’s not much of a choice. The operational status-quo of the past simply can’t deliver the momentum and results that both the marketplace and markets now require. Along … Read More

Haydle Increases Engagement

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Haydle was featured in the Enterprise Engagement Alliance’s blog. Knowledge management used to be about managing documents, [Haydle CEO Joel] Confino says. “Today it’s about connecting people. The way you find info, it’s not about finding docs. It’s about connecting with the expert.” Ironically, he notes, engagement tools often aren’t actually engaging. “The only way to evaluate their effectiveness is to measure not … Read More

Tribal Knowledge – A Sufficiently Large Problem?

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Aaron Levie’s 2012 quote is a good statement for the business times we live in… “Want to spot the next great technology or business opportunity? Just look for any market that lacks a minimally complex solution to a sufficiently large problem.”  Aaron Levie, CEO Box It’s a great entrepreneurial statement that helps focus our thinking on solutions and software that … Read More

Enterprise Usability – It Matters!

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When Haydle launched two years ago there were some very specific problems that the product was targeted to solve. There was the fact that much of the knowledge corporations used to operate was tribal, and as such walking out the door every time there was a retirement or staff reassignment. There was the day to day challenge of finding documents within the … Read More

Solving an Intractable Problem: The Case For Enterprise Q&A

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Recently Forbes published a thought-provoking article by Ben Kepes titled, “The State Of Document Management And Some Potentially Heretical Thinking“.  He reviews a report from Docurated about the state of document management.  Some of the key findings of a survey of 116 IT leaders are: Document management is a key pain point and priority, nearly two thirds of IT Executives are investing … Read More

Top 5 Hiding Places for Knowledge

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Seems like everyone is a knowledge worker. Doesn’t matter whether you’re in manufacturing, insurance, finance, customer service, technology or any number of other roles. As a knowledge worker your main focus is to always find, use and share knowledge. The challenge is, for all of the investment that most organizations have made in knowledge management, much of the knowledge remains … Read More

Case Study: Maximizing Investment

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Business Problem When one of the world’s largest financial services companies needed to maximize its existing investment in knowledge management, it turned to Haydle.  This industry leader wanted to leverage its large Microsoft SharePoint installation in new ways. Haydle was initially championed by an IT support team that was responsible for increasing developer productivity by rolling out new tools, build systems and common frameworks used across … Read More

Waves of Churn – Eroding Organizational Knowledge

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Enterprises are beginning to feel the impact of some very powerful forces. Forces that will make the retention of institutional knowledge more and more challenging. This is knowledge that has required substantial investment and often represents an organization’s differentiation in the marketplace. But after two+ decades of outsourcing, the continuing trend towards a geographically dispersed workforce, and an unavoidable generational … Read More

Sticky Notes and Filing Cabinets: Why Haydle Makes SharePoint Better

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Haydle is an enterprise Q&A system, and it makes SharePoint (or more generically any document-oriented wiki like Confluence or Jive) better. Why? The answer is the difference between sticky notes and filing cabinets. We work in a largely paperless environment, but for this analogy to work, imagine you work in an office that is paper based. Against the wall there … Read More