So your boss says you need to do “performance testing”

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Imagine you are building a new web application.  The front end is a single page app and the back end is a server with a REST API that uses a relational database as the primary data store.  Pretty standard stuff.  Your team is excited about this new application, and all of the focus is on building the new cool features.  Then halfway through … Read More

The Missing Link Between Collecting and Connecting

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Haydle was featured in the Society for Human Resources Management’s website in an article by Haydle CEO Joel Confino titled, “The Missing Link Between Collecting and Connecting“.  From the article, How readily accessible is the information in your organization?  According to knowledge management experts at the U.S. Army, 80 percent of the information in an organization isn’t written down anywhere. … Read More

Should Collaboration Be More Selfish?

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A New Perspective The word collaboration has special meaning these days. Companies want to enable more collaboration within their teams. The goal is to create better informed and more creative organizations that can better deliver on business objectives. This certainly seems to make sense. Good things often happen when people connect on a human level and are able to deliver … Read More

5 Leaders of the “Engaged Enterprise” Super Trend

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Sometimes waves in the ocean reinforce each other forming a giant swell.  From my vantage point I’ve observed 5 thought leaders whose messages are reinforcing each other in similar ways to form what I’ll term the “Engaged Enterprise” super trend.  Businesses are under tremendous pressure to change in order to compete.  But change in what way? Leader #1: Gloria Burke … Read More

Haydle Featured in KMWorld

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Haydle was featured on the home page of KMWorld! Haydle has enhanced its Enterprise Q&A solution for large organizations. The software has been engineered to quickly capture and surface the estimated 80% of undocumented knowledge that exists within a company, and Haydle says it harnesses the distributed expertise of employees across different departments, age groups and geographic regions. Haydle explains … Read More

Crowdsourcing – The New Business Fundamental

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The Term After the term “crowdsourcing” first appeared in Wired Magazine in 2006, it didn’t take long to prove that group-thinking and execution could frequently deliver better results than traditional linear models. The term itself has evolved quite a bit since then, and now includes many extensions of the baseline meaning. Words like crowd-funding, crowd-testing and crowd-searching. With the emergence … Read More

3 Ways to Search Your Company’s Brain

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Current State Until now, the idea of searching a company’s organizational knowledge has been limited to a focus on existing document management systems. These various technologies include content management systems, wikis, intranets, and network drives. To search these systems organizations often use the tools embedded in these products, or in an attempt to get better results implement more powerful enterprise … Read More

New Feature: Teams

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You Are In This Together Your team. You rely on each other to get the job done. Now Haydle lets you work in teams so you can easily scale your enterprise Q&A community from tens to thousands of people. Break Down Silos Haydle is designed to work in large organizations, and breaks down the communication silos of organizational and geographic … Read More

Enterprise Q&A – The Missing Link in Collaboration and Knowledge Management

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As we turn the page on a new year, companies continue to bet heavily on ways to increase collaboration and better leverage their organizational knowledge. This push to create a more social enterprise is further evidence of the need to get better ideas to market faster… The Three Common Social Business Solutions The ESN Solution – Implement a large enterprise … Read More