Our Story

Finding a needle in a haystack…

Haydle started when we set out to solve a common problem: the frustration of having an important question, knowing someone in your organization knows the answer, but not knowing who to ask or being able to reach them quickly.  You are up against a big deadline, and without that answer you are stuck.  It feels like you are trying to find a needle in a haystack.

As a group of consultants from Chariot Solutions, we personally felt this frustration and have seen it play out almost universally at the wide range of companies we’ve worked for.  Information is stuck in email and stuck in people’s heads.  Documentation is hard to find.  The most important knowledge is tribal knowledge passed on using oral tradition from one person to another.

We knew there was a better way, and that is enterprise question and answer.  While only some people have the time to read documents, everyone asks questions.  Most of the questions are asked via email or chat, and never stored permanently.  By optimizing something that virtually everyone does every day at every organization in the world, we figured we could make a big impact.  We could turn individual knowledge into team intelligence.