The power of asking.

Haydle is the single, best place for everyone in your organization to ask and answer any question.

  • Get better answers faster
  • Capture tribal knowledge
  • Maximizes existing knowledge systems such as SharePoint, Yammer, Sitrion

Looking for the “If you build it, will they come?” webinar? The video is now up on our site: webinar video

 Get Better Answers, Faster

Haydle Enterprise Q&A accelerates your organization by giving everyone the power to ask and answer questions. If your question has already been answered, the advanced search engine will find it. If it hasn’t, it will be routed to the right expert within your organization.

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Capture Tribal Knowledge

Improving knowledge retention is a major goal for most companies, but the majority of organizational knowledge remains undocumented: stuck in email and people’s heads. Haydle unlocks and captures this knowledge as people ask questions and provide answers.

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 Maximize Knowledge Management Investments

You already have investments in email, chat, wikis, document management systems, help desk ticket systems, discussion boards, and others. You don’t need another place to store things. You need a way to make all of that existing information more accessible while pulling in new information, and that’s exactly what Haydle does.

 Empower Your Team

Haydle encourages your team members to endorse both questions and answers. This gives everyone a voice, provides productive feedback, and reveals subject matter experts.

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Enterprise-Grade Innovation

Haydle combines enterprise security and scalability
with the agility of software-as-a-service.

Zero installation

No need to worry about provisioning servers and backing up databases.  We handle everything for you.  Get up and running in minutes.

Zero administration

Leverage crowd sourcing within your organization, no central administration required.  No one’s full time job is to “babysit”.  Your community takes care of itself.

Zero training

No one needs training to use Haydle.  Period.  Lots of software claims to be intuitive, Haydle actually is.  Gain adoption in your organization quickly and easily.